Trade Up

Hi all,

Welcome to my "Trade Up" page.  This is a page dedicated to my "trade up" campaign, based on the One Red Paper Clip trading project by Kyle MacDonald.  The basic premise is to start with a paper clip, and through a series of trades, ultimately end up with the item of your desire.  Typically something you wouldn't spend the money on for yourself, or something more expensive than you could afford.  Kyle turned his paper clip into a HOUSE!!!

Ok, so I'm not looking for a house, but I am seeking Amateur Radio gear, specifically an all-band HF rig similar to a Kenwood TS-2000, an ICOM 7000, or a Ten Tec Eagle.  For trades, I'm looking for items of equal or greater "trade" value, not necessarily retail value.  Any interesting items will be considered.

Below is my list of trades.  The top-most item is what I currently have to trade.  If you are interested in the item I am offering and have something to trade, please contact me at

Dynaco ST-80 Stereo Power Amplifier and an ATI P100 Turntable Amplifier
These two vintage items were owned by Grand Ole Opry star and Country Music Hall of Famer, Hank Snow. These vintage audio devices are in great shape and both work fine. My friend Danny White of 16 Ton Recording Studios here in Nashville purchased them from the Hank Snow estate and traded them with me for my paper clip. Why would he trade such valuable vintage gear owned by a celebrity? Well, he's a good friend and according to him he really wants to see me achieve my trade goal.


A Beautiful Red and White Striped Paper Clip
Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of this handsome paper clip.  I traded it to Danny White of 16 Ton Recording Studios for a Dynaco ST-80 stereo power amplifier and an ATI P100 turntable amplifier.