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Scotty has over 35 film scores to his credit, and has been producing custom album projects for over a decade. His education, talent across many instruments and styles, and diverse experience both in the studio and on the road make him one of Nashville's most unique producers.  He is also a sought after Music Director for live performances by recording artists and special show productions and events.

There's no "cookie cutter" approach with Scotty. He prides himself on taking the time to get to know each of his artists and discovering what makes them unique.

No matter if you're next project is a full album or just a few songwriter demos, Scotty can produce high quality, professional recordings at any price point.  And Scotty is a great resource to tap into when putting together a live show.


"Duckling Gets A Cookie", film score, Scholastic (2013)
"Hurray For Amanda And Her Aligator", film score, Scholastic (2013)
"I Want My Hat Back", film score, Scholastic (2013)
"Merry Christmas Splat", film score, Scholastic (2012)
"Scaredy Squirrel Makes A Friend", film score, Scholastic (2012)
"Edwina: The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct, film score, Scholastic (2012)
"Knuffle Bunny Free", film score, Scholastic (2012)
"Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late", film score, Scholastic (2011)
"Scaredy Squirrel", film score, Scholastic (2011)
"Naked Mole Rat", film score, Scholastic (2010)
"Dating With A Checklist", Songdoor Winner Demo, Robert Gillies (2010)
"The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog", film score, Scholastic (2010)
"Splat The Cat", film score, Scholastic (2010)
"Now", EP project, Johnny Henry (2010)
"Gym Teacher From The Black Lagoon", film score, Scholastic (2009)
"You Were Meant To Be", album project, Kaityn Maher (2009)
"Bring Back Tomorrow", album project, Brennin (2009)
"Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus", film score, Scholastic (2009)
"Knuffle Bunny Too", film score, Scholastic (2009)
"Math Curse", film score, Scholastic (2009)
"Madame President", film score, Scholastic (2008)
"Catch The Reading Bug", PSA, National Reading Association (2008)
"My Senator", film score, Scholastic (2007)
"Dooby Dooby Moo", film score, Scholastic (2007)
"John, Paul, George, and Ben", film score, Scholastic (2007)
"Librarian From The Black Lagoon", film score, Scholastic (2006)
"Knuffle Bunny", film score, Scholastic (2006)
"Open Wide Tooth School Inside", film score, Scholastic (2006)
"That New Animal", film score, Scholastic (2006)
"T Is For Terrible", film score, Scholastic (2005)
"Wild About Books", film score, Scholastic (2005)
"Arnie The Doughnut", film score, Scholastic (2005)
"This Is The House That Jack Built", film score, Scholastic (2004)
"Duck For President", film score, Scholastic (2003)
"Assorted", custom album project, Scotty Huff (2003)
"Teacher From The Black Lagoon", film score, Scholastic (2003)
"Giggle Giggle Quack", film score, Scholastic (2002)
"So You Want To Be President", film score, Scholastic (2002)
"Catch-All", custom album project, SWAG (2001)
"There Was An Old Lady", film score, Scholastic (2001)
"Click Clack Moo", film score, Scholastic (2001)
"Swamp Angel", film score, Scholastic, (2001)
"Merry Christmas Space Case", film score, Scholastic (2000)
"Trashy Town", film score, Scholastic (2000)
"Space Case", film score, Scholastic (2000)
"Antarctic Antics", film score, Scholastic (2000)
"Miss Nelson Has A Field Day", film score, Scholastic (1998)

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Full Orchestrations | String & Horn Arrangements | Nashville Number Charts

Scotty's arranging talents have been utilized by some of music's most respected producers and artists. He's worked with producers the likes of Peter Collins, Raul Malo, and Robert Reynolds. He has arranged for such artists as The Mavericks, K.T. Oslin, and David Mead.

Your project is special and requires the unique care and attention that only Scotty can provide. And unlike many arrangers, Scotty understands ALL styles of music. He won't try to turn everything into a film score or a jazz tune!


"Super Colosal Smash Hits Of The '90's" Album Project, Horns, The Mavericks
"King Of The Hill Soundtrack" Film Project, Horns, The Mavericks
"Babe In The City Soundtrack" Album Project, Horns, The Mavericks
"Catchall" Album Project, Strings/Horns, SWAG
"Live Close By, Visit Often" Album Project, Horns, K.T. Oslin
"Luxury Of Time" Album Project, Horns, David Mead
"Charmed Life" Album Project, Horns, Jon Roniger
"Blame It On The Margaritas" Album Project, Horns, Howard Livingston
"Meet Me In The Keys" Album Project, Horns, Howard Livingston
"Livin' On Key West Time" Album Project, Horns, Howard Livingston
"Bring Back Tomorrow" Album Project, Horns/Strings, Brennin
"You Were Meant To Be" Album Project, Strings/Horns, Kaitlyn Maher
"Now", EP Project, Strings, Johnny Henry

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Artist Development | Performance Coaching | A&R Consultation

True Artist Development seems to be a thing of the past.  It used to be the A&R department of a record label, or managers, would spend time with their artists and help them discover the true artist within them.  They'd help them find the "right" songs that fit the "artist" not the radio playlist.  They'd work with the artist to help them deliver the song musically.  This nurturing would continue through the recording process and into the live performance. 

Today, that rarely happens.  The record labels expect the managers do handle this.  The management companies are leaning on the record labels to do it.  The A&R departments are simply picking songs and running each artist through the same machine as every other artist.

This isn't Scotty's way.  Call him "old fashioned" if you want, but he believes in spending time with each artist. Learning what makes them special.  Cultivating their strengths.  Diminishing or helping them work through their weaknesses.  Finding great songs that fit the "artist" or helping them craft their own.  And Scotty continues this diligence through all the creative aspects of their career; recording, live performances, etc.

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Vocals | Guitar | Bass Guitar | Trumpet

Scotty has appeared on stage with Natalie Cole, Manhattan Transfer, Delbert McClinton, The Mavericks, Keith Urban, Jaime O'Neal, Jake Owen, Rachel Proctor, Del Amitri, and David Mead, just to name a few. His recording credits include projects for The Mavericks, Keith Urban, K.T. Oslin, Rachel Proctor, David Mead and many more.

You can either bring Scotty into the studio or send your tracks for him to "sweeten" in his studio. Distance, technology, and budget are no issue.


Keith Urban (guitar, vocals, banjo)
The Mavericks (trumpet, vocals, guitar, arranger)
Toby Keith (trumpet)
Rodney Carrington (trumpet)
Natalie Cole (trumpet)
Manhattan Transfer (trumpet)
Delbert McClinton (trumpet)
David Mead (trumpet)
SWAG (guitar, vocals, trumpet)
Will Hoge (trumpet, vocals)
Will Kimbrough (trumpet)
Raul Malo (trumpet)
Jake Owen (guitar, vocals, trumpet)
Amanda Wilkinson (guitar, vocals)
The Wilkinsons (guitar)
Rachel Proctor (guitar, vocals)
Jamie O'Neal (guitar, vocals)
Sarah Buxton (guitar)
Susan Haynes (guitar, trumpet)
Boots Randolph (trumpet)
Danny Davis (trumpet)
Brennin (guitar, trumpet, vocals, arranger)
Kaitlyn Maher (guitar, trumpet, vocals, percussion, arranger)
Johnny Henry (guitar, vocals, percussion, arranger)

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