Monday, November 8, 2010

"Elle Macho, people, ELLE MACHO!"

Ok, listen.  First, bear with me on this post and understand that this is not the giddy rantings of some star-struck groupie.  Please take this as coming from an experienced music industry veteran who has nothing to gain from this. It's important.

I saw Elle Macho last night at Nashville's famous 3rd & Lindsley as they performed a set for WRLT's Nashville Sunday Night.  I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY!  This quite possibly was the best show I've ever experienced.  And, Elle Macho may be the best power pop band, ever!  And I don't say that stuff lightly!  Everything about Elle Macho is... well... perfect.  There songs are intriguing, musical, and well crafted.  They're 3 part vocal arrangements are spot on.  The instrumental parts are perfectly placed and complimenting.  Even their stage banter, including the way they "sold" their merch over the mic was brilliant.  Elle Macho successfully combines musicality, energy, intelligence, fun, excitement, and plain ol' ROCK, all at once.
Let me introduce you:

I know drummer, Lindsay Jamieson, the least.  He did some time with Ben Folds, and that's good enough for me! His parts were an equal musical component to everything else going on.  Nothing was out of place.  There was no simple meat-head beat keeping, unless meat-head beat keeping was the perfect thing to do at the time. Also, being a strong singer (which is a tall order when you're sharing the stage with vocal powerhouses David Mead and Butterfly Boucher) created huge dimention to the band.

Next is the brilliant and devastatingly talented, Butterfly Boucher. I've been amazed by Butterfly since I wore out her Flutterby solo album in 2003.  Her writing, singing, and playing prowess was well demonstrated on that project since she basically did everything on it, save a few tidbits here and there.  And once again she shines bright with Elle Macho, with her evident writing influence, her intense yet haunting vocals, and her mind boggling, hard-driving bass playing.  Man!  Her ability to soulfully deliver a perfect vocal while rocking a syncopated bass line that would have Sting scratching his head, was truly awe inspiring.

And last, but never least, my friend David Mead, who may be the most talented individuals I know.  I feel David is one of the most underestimated, underappreciated, talents around.  His breadth of vocal abilities are like having 4 other dudes in the band, yet they all blend with Butterfly beautifully.  His guitar playing was spot on with amazing tone.  He rocked without over powering the subtleties and filled the space where needed yet let the music breathe where appropriate.  And, of course, he is one of my favorite songwriters.  His grasp of the language is only rivaled by his perspective.

So, there it is.  I am humbled.  I am inspired.  I am energized.  I am hopeful.

Elle Macho, people, ELLE MACHO!  Learn it.  Live it.  Love it!