Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arranging And Trumpet Playing

Been a busy week of arranging and trumpet playing for Scotty.  It started last week with a horn arrangment and horn session for the super talented, Melissa Fuller, produced by Grammy Award winner, Chad Carleson. "It was a really fun song," said Scotty. "It's not often, especially in Nashville, that you get to arrange a tune for Clarinet, Trumpet with Cup Mute, and Euphonium!  It was like channeling the Sgt. Pepper sessions."

Then it was back in scoring mode for the 31st childrens animated film for Huff and his Artists4Artists collaborator, Robert Reynolds.  "Yeah, we can't believe it's our 31st film.  This one is called Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, and it was written and directed by author and film maker, Mo Willems.  Mo is one of our favorite authors/directors to work with.  He's brilliant," offered Scotty.

Today, on a break from mixing Naked Mole Rat, Scotty popped over to House Of Blue Studios to record some trumpet with Saxophone and arranging guru, Jim Hoke, for a project produced by the famous, David Z.  David has a long history as Prince's producer as well as producing the #1 hit, "She Drives Me Crazy", for The Fine Young Cannibals.  He was also a member of Lipps, Inc... you remember... "Won't you take me to... Funkytown!"

"Nashville never ceases to amaze me.  I have a nice little chat with Alison Krauss in the studio parking lot on my way in to do a session for David Z.  Crazy.  I love this town."