Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Much to Say... So Little Time...

I've been wanting to post to my blog since Christmas time to wish everyone good tidings. I thought about it again at the top of 2009 to spread cheer for the new year. I wanted to share with the world my new found commitment to face my sugar addiction and the interest in the writings of Thomas Paine. The reality is, however, I've had no time to hardly breathe.

As we see over and over again in our society, I too am struggling in this current economy. I am surviving. I am fighting the good fight. And I will prevail. However, I must admit that often the stress of it becomes quite daunting, even for this "glass is half full" guy.

Today, however, I am encouraged. We inaugurated our 44th President today. And regardless of your political persuation - I happen to be a staunch INDEPENDENT - today's historical event has set in motion the true possibility of change.

Now, I am one of those guys, unfortunately, who has grown so weary and sceptical of any politician that I dare not believe anything that oozes from their mouths. We've heard talk of "it's time for change" for as long as I remember. We've been glazed over with the promise of "bi-partisan" efforts and the need to "reach across the isle". And though I STILL believe that it is all talk, even for Mr. Obama, I can't help but feel an optimism from the entire world.


We haven't seen this level of optimism and hope since the 50's. I really feel in my soul that not only America, but the entire globe is anticipating great things. This is all positive energy. It is all good will. It defines good tidings. And this could very well tip the first domino that sets off a flourish of truly wonderful things.

I believe it's possible.

So today, I pause from my own crisis and despair to send my congratulatory good tidings to the Obama's and to the whole of mankind. I hope to be one of countless dominos all tipping towards better days.

All the best to you!


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