Sunday, December 27, 2009

Season's Greetings!

Greetings all! I hope this message finds you well and in the midst of
a wonderful holiday season.

Ok, so I know I don't post much to this blog. It's not for a lack of
want, it's just a something I haven't built a habit around. This
year, however, I'm going to try to make a real attempt at it.

2009 was a bittersweet year for me. I completed many great projects
including custom albums for "Brennin" and child sensation "Kaitlyn
Maher". However, the loss of my Mom in August, blessedly ended her
long struggle with cancer, but began my families life without her.
Yet, we all have bright smiles as we look to the future with wonderful
thoughts of the past. Thanks to all of you for your support.

There is much on my plate for 2010, and I'm excited to share it with
you all. I have several production & development projects in the
works including "Johnny Henry", "The Twisselman Sisters", and "Watson
& Nash".

The biggest project is "Operation: Sound Off (OSO)". OSO is a project
created by Robert Reynolds and myself to give special musical
opportunities to members of our armed forces.

I'll also be doing more specialty work for, including
directing their Neighborly Rewards program.

So stay tuned! If I'm shirking my blogging/newletter duties, fell
free to email a nudge to me at and I'll get on

May all of you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!


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Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CMA Music Fest

It's a big week here in Nashville. It's CMA Music Fest week (Formerly known as Fan Fair). Country music fans from all over the globe descend upon Music City to get up close and personal with their favorite country music stars.

I will be doing some free-lance coverage for I'll be producing features for several fan club parties for artists including Little Big Town, Jake Owen, and Sara Evans. I will also be combing the crowds in 'Search for the Superfan'. The winner of the 'Superfan' contest will win a trip to see their favorite country artist in concert!

Hope to see you there! Check out Digital Rodeo for all things CMA Music Fest!


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey all,

Just want to update you on my project with Brennin. We finished the last of the recording this past week and it is sounding GREAT!! We are very excited to get it mixed, which is happening the first 2 weeks of April.

I want to thank everyone who worked on this project, namely Brennin (of course), engineer Mike Esser at 16 Ton Studios in Nashville, and all of the musicians that graced us with their talent. This will be a life changing project for many people.

I want to make special mention of Kendra Chantelle, who not only sang like an angel on Brennin's project, but also co-wrote a great duet with Brennin which will be featured on the album. I recommend everyone keep a close watch on the career of Kendra Chantelle. You won't be disappointed.

That's all for now. Stay tuned...


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Monday, March 16, 2009

State Of The Industry

Sure, it's easy to sit back like a Monday morning quarterback and lament about the state of the music industry. There are many caught in suspended animation while awaiting the inevitable axe to fall upon them. We can scrutinize in great detail the falling number of CD sales, the increase in file sharing and digital downloads, and the overall reduction of music related revenue.

But I am a reasonable man. I prefer to look at the evidence in pursuit of the truth. Here is what I've observed and/or learned:
  1. Music has been around since the very dawn of humanity... maybe even before!
  2. Music has survived famine, plague, pestulence, world war, recession, holocaust, fad, and ADHD.
  3. From the moment I became interested in music, there have been an endless stream of people (mostly fellow musicians) who were constantly at the ready to complain about how bad things are.
  4. I've been a musician for over 30 years and music is still composed, arranged, performed, recorded, listened to, and purchased.

Thus, here is what I've deduced:

  1. Music will continue to be composed
  2. Music will continue to be arranged
  3. Music will continue to be performed
  4. Music will continue to be recorded
  5. Music will continue to be listened to
  6. Music will continue to be purchased
  7. Music will continue...

Now, all that said, it may be true that we must be willing to change our notions of the industry in terms of monetization, but this in no way is a sign of doom and disaster. On the contrary, it is merely a sign of change. In fact, I see it as a time of rebirth and a sign of great things to come.

I, for one, refuse to be sucked into the undertow of negativity that seems to surround me. I shall ride the wave of optimism and "hang ten" past those that succumb to the deluge.

For those about to Rock, I salute you! For those about to crawl under one, my album is available on iTunes. :-)



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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Much to Say... So Little Time...

I've been wanting to post to my blog since Christmas time to wish everyone good tidings. I thought about it again at the top of 2009 to spread cheer for the new year. I wanted to share with the world my new found commitment to face my sugar addiction and the interest in the writings of Thomas Paine. The reality is, however, I've had no time to hardly breathe.

As we see over and over again in our society, I too am struggling in this current economy. I am surviving. I am fighting the good fight. And I will prevail. However, I must admit that often the stress of it becomes quite daunting, even for this "glass is half full" guy.

Today, however, I am encouraged. We inaugurated our 44th President today. And regardless of your political persuation - I happen to be a staunch INDEPENDENT - today's historical event has set in motion the true possibility of change.

Now, I am one of those guys, unfortunately, who has grown so weary and sceptical of any politician that I dare not believe anything that oozes from their mouths. We've heard talk of "it's time for change" for as long as I remember. We've been glazed over with the promise of "bi-partisan" efforts and the need to "reach across the isle". And though I STILL believe that it is all talk, even for Mr. Obama, I can't help but feel an optimism from the entire world.


We haven't seen this level of optimism and hope since the 50's. I really feel in my soul that not only America, but the entire globe is anticipating great things. This is all positive energy. It is all good will. It defines good tidings. And this could very well tip the first domino that sets off a flourish of truly wonderful things.

I believe it's possible.

So today, I pause from my own crisis and despair to send my congratulatory good tidings to the Obama's and to the whole of mankind. I hope to be one of countless dominos all tipping towards better days.

All the best to you!


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