Sunday, December 7, 2008

Key West Again

Hey everybody,

Many of you know that I occasionally go down to Key West to play the Hogs Breath Saloon. I usually go with Paul Deakin (The Mavericks) along with an assortment of other talented people. It seems this year was an exceptional year. Not only will this be the fifth time I've been down, but it appears a trend is being set with band members.

I've had the pleasure of performing with Paul Deakin; drummer for one of my favorite groups of all time The Mavericks, but two of my songwriting/artist idols has been rounding out the band in Key West. David Mead and Jason White have become the other half of the band with Paul and me. This will be the third time this year that Fanny Pack will appear at the Hogs Breath in Key West. We start tomorrow, Monday Dec.8th and play through Sunday, Dec. 14th. For those of you in the area, c'mon down. For those who aren't, check out the Stage Cam at Of course, I recommend joining us later in the week, as the only time we play together is in the Keys. We're usually a bit rusty the first couple nights! :-)

Have a great week!


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